Yuki name
Yuki full
First Appearance in Anime Episode 5: Please Remember, Master
Birthday February 2
Star Sign Aquarius
Gender Female
Age 18 - 19
Height 159 cm (5'2)
Personality Gentle; warm; acts as a caretaker of all angels
Measurements Season 1: B:83/W:59/H:83

Season 2: B:84/W:59/H:85

Animal Snake
Death As An Animal Burnt to death
Fear Fire
Hobby Sewing
Image Color Blue
Voice Actors Karen Strassman (English)

Kyoko Hikami (Japanese)

Yuki (ユキ Yuki) is a fictional character in the series, Angel Tales. She is one of the 12 Guardian Angels that helps protects her master, Gorō Mutsumi. She was a snake in her past life and she is the oldest out of all the angels. She is also known as the oldest out of all the other angels.


Past Life

Sometime early in the early year of 1983 on February the 2, Yuki was born.

During one summer break about 18 years ago, a nearby shrine became Goro's playground. A beautiful priestess lived there with her pet snake, and he loved playing with them. He used to look up to Yuki as a big sister. The snake was named Yuki. Yuki did not mind thinking it did not matter of her name can be used as a female or a male's name, but she thought that the snake Yuki was a male, and not a female.

However, later his family decided to move to another city. When it was his last day at the shrine, he promised that the priestess and her snake he would return during his winter vacation to see them.

Her Death

As promised, Goro return to the shrine in the winter, and was starting to see the shrine on fire. He jumped into the fire looking for the priestess, but was enveloped in smoke instead. He thought the priestess had saved him but it was actually the white snake, Yuki as an angel that happen to look like the priestess.

Yuki the snake tells him that the priestess was already dead. After saving him, she disappeared into the fire. She gets lost in a void and has a hard time finding the spirit world.

She died from being burn to death, and she suffers from pyrophobia: the fear of fire. 


Yuki is the first guardian angel of out of the 12 other angels and her color image is blue. After her death in the fire, she admittedly became an angel and was still on earth for a little bit to help Goro get out of the fire. After her duty she was trying to transmigration to the spirit world but gets lost in the void. She is also one of the chosen brides out of the Four Saint Beasts. She is the bride for, Gou.

Yuki is, kind, genital, thoughtful, and known for her good heart. She is known to be a character that acts like a mother figure around the other younger fellow guardian angels. Her, and Ran usually helps take care of them.

Besides being beautiful in the inside she is also very beautiful on the outside. So nice and respectful. She'll do anything in her well to help others.

She hardly ever talks, but once someone asks for her opinion or telling her something she answers.

On the second season of Angel Tales Chu!, she doesn't have a job, but stays home, and helps take care of her masters apartment. Sometime later in the second season, she becomes a goddess because Setsuna confesses her feelings for Goro's father. For punishment she was force to turn into the animal in her previous life and all her memories to be erased.



  • Her favorite color is dark blue.
  • Her favorite food as a snake was frogs.

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