Tsubasa (Original)
File:Placeholder person.png
First Appearance in Anime None
Birthday January 5
Star Sign Capricorn
Gender Female
Age 14
Tsubasa (ツバサ Tsubasa) is a character that is not shown in flashbacks, but she is the original image form of Tsubasa in Angel Tales.

Angel Tales

Tsubasa actually makes no appearance in the anime, but reference about all the twelve guardian angels having an original image was mention in the last episode of the first season.

The original Tsubasa is mention in Tsubasa's character bio that is featured in the character's summaries. The original Tsubasa, was passing along by one day when she sees a young boy with an injured bird. She helps the young boy, Gorō Mutsumi help treat the bird's wounds.


  • It is more likely that Gorō named Tsubasa, the parakeet, after the girl that tried to help the parakeet with him.
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