Tsubasa name
Tsubasa full
First Appearance in Anime Episode 1: An Unforgettable Bond
Birthday May 4
Star Sign Taurus
Gender Female
Age 14
Height 155 cm (5'1)
Personality Easy-going
Measurements Season 1: B:80/W:57/H:84

Season 2: B:82/w:56/H:82

Animal Parakeet
Death As An Animal Fell and hit her head
Fear Heights
Hobby Singing; Dancing
Image Color Red
Voice Actors Zarah Little (English)

Sakura Nogawa (Japanese)

Tsubasa (ツバサ Tsubasa) is a Guardian Angel in Angel Tales. She was a bird, specifically a parakeet, in her past life.


Past Life

Tsubasa was born on May 4, 1987, as a parakeet. She was injured from unknown causes when Gorō Mutsumi found her outside one day. Gorō was unsure of how to treat the wound, but a girl came by and offered to help. After the girl skillfully treated the bird, Gorō named it "Tsubasa". He decided to keep her until she was able to fly again.

Her Death

Tsubasa's wings were severely injured. However, Gorō wished that she could fly. As though she heard his wish, the next moment she suddenly flew up into the sky. Tsubasa wasn't healed, and thus, she fell straight down and hit her head.


Tsubasa is the 5th guardian angel out of 12 of the angels and her image color is red. After her death from falling out of the sky, she becomes an angel and is sent to go to the spirit world. She is also one of the chosen brides out of the Four Saint Beast. She is the bride for Rei.

Tsubasa is nice, and respectful, but only mainly to her close friends. She has a good heart when it is judging the right people.

She doesn't like being controlled and hates it when a guy forces himself to love her. She's always there when a friend's in trouble, she's very loyal to her friends.

In the comics she seems more tomboyish due because she enjoys sports, such as jogging.

In the second season she has a job and works for the newspapers and always delivers them after school. She also owns a bike and enjoys riding it.



She doesn't like cats, but she sometimes loves the company of Tamami. Even though they fight they can be friends sometimes.


Ran and Tsubasa are good friends.


Tsubasa and Kurumi are friends, but do fight sometimes. This usually happens when Kurumi thinks more about food and wants to eat.


Mika and Tsubasa get along sometimes as more in the manga, but in the anime they tend to fight a lot. They call each other mean names, such as Mika calling Tsubasa 'blue haired chicken', and Tsubasa calling Mika 'old maid' or 'mother and law'.

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