The Master of the Soba Restaurant
Season 1, Episode 6
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The Master of the Soba Restaurant is episode six of season 1 to the Angel Tales series.


At the beginning of the episode, Akane and Midori were arguing what they should but for dinner. Midori wanted soba, and Akane wanted udon. Akane tells Midori that Ran wanted udon. 

After leaving the store they both bought spaghetti. Hoping it made someone happy, Lulu. They both come across a restaurant that said something about fox and raccoon. They both jump to concussions by mistake and run inside the restaurant. One they go inside they bugged the customer not to eat. Then they saw the owner of the restaurant and Akane told him it was a natural law of the universe to pray for the foxes and raccoons that were eaten that day.They both pray leaves the owner confused what was going on. He tells them he did not put foxes and raccoon in his noodles. 

He gives them their own free bowl and lets them eat it. After they got done, they finally return home. 

They were all set down enjoying eating dinner all but Akane, Midori, and Lulu. Lulu did not want to eat it because she believes people that are allowed to eat it has to say the name right. Midori and Akane did not eat it because they feel that they were ashamed of eating now because they were already full from the restaurant food. 

A little later, Akane was outside playing with fireworks, and Midori joins her. They both agree that the owner acts just like her master.  


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