The Elementary School for Small Angels
Season 1, Episode 7
3 little ones
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The Elementary School for Small Angels is episode seven of season 1 to the Angel Tales series.


Momo, Nana, and Lulu are watching children at the gate as the kids are in the schoolyard for gym class. They begin to hum and transform and put gym clothes on themselves. The three begin to dance and they still hum.

The gym teacher sees them outside, and blows her whistle and gets their attention. She goes outside the gate and tells the girls that they aren't supposed to go outside the fence. She rushes the girls into the schoolyard and instructs the kids to get back to work.

The three boys in that class turn around and notices, the girls. During this time the teacher comes over to them thinking they was all was fighting. One of the boys named, Daiskue comment that none of them girls go to there school. The teacher freaks out by screaming.

The school bell rings and Nana, Lulu, and Momo was all walking home from school with Ran and Goro. They had to pick them up from school because the teachers did not let them go into an adult came and picked them up. At that time possibly Goro was at a part time job and it didn't pick them up into it was after school. Ran comments they three should know better. Momo apologizes for all there mistakes.



  • In the Japanese version of this episode, the female teacher heard Nana say her own name ans mistaken it being class 7. They possibly changed due to Nana kept repeating herself saying her own name is weird.
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