First Appearance in Anime Episode 2: I'm Not Scared Of My Trauma!
Birthday August 12
Star Sign Leo
Gender Female
Age 10
Height 135 cm (4'5)
Personality Precocious
Measurements Season 1: B:68/W:56/H:72

Season 2: B:70/W:58/H:72

Animal Cat
Death As An Animal Ran over
Fear Cars
Hobby Learning; Napping
Image Color White
Voice Actors Carrie Daniels (English)

Chiaki Osawa (Japanese)

Tamami (珠美 Tamami) is a fictional character in the series, Angel Tales. She is one of the 12 Guardian Angels that helps protects her master, Gorō Mutsumi. She used to be a cat in her past life.


Past Life

Sometime in the summer, Tamami was born on August 12th to a stray mother cat.

She met Goro on a rainy day 10 years ago. He knew she did not belong to anyone and he wanted to keep her, but his parents would not allow it. When he was crying, a little girl happen to walk by. When she found out the problem, she offered to look after the kitten together, and it became their little secret. She also named the kitten with her own name, "Tamami".

Her Death

The little girl and Goro took great care of it and it grew big and healthy. But one day, Tamami suddenly disappeared. Sensing something bad, Goro sent the girl home and went to look for the kitten. As he had feared, he found Tamami lying on the road, killed in a car accident.

When she comes as a guardian angel and returns to the human world, she is now afraid of cars.


Tamami is the 9th guardian angel out of the other 12 angels and her image color is white. After her death sent to the spirit world and becomes an angel and works hard to one day see her master. She is also one of the chosen brides out of the Four Saint Beast. She is the bride for Gai.

Tamami is a beautiful person. She can be scared of things very easily, especially around cars. She loves being around others and loves social.

Tamami can be a bit selfish sometimes, but she only does that because she don't want to lose the most importing things in her life. She can be easily aggressive when someone has something against her. She loves to be pampered especially around her master. She loves lots of attention and enjoys seeking knowledge because she loves to learn. She loves to learn new things and she knows everything about mathematics.

She hates cleaning, especially the toilet. She don't like people bossing her around she believes she's the boss she makes her own rules into everything. She can be so careless at times when she does this it makes others get mad at her very easily.


  • In the second season, Tamami decides to wear contacts instead of glasses.
  • Her favorite color is orange.

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