The Goddess is the goddess of all the angels.


The Goddess is wearing a purple ouffit and her hair is purple. She has it put up.

Angel Tales (Tenshi No Shippo)

The Goddess first comes in the first episode. Telling Goro that his bad luck will change to good luck. After when Goro goes home and takes a bath the goddess brings the first 3 angels, which are Ran, Tsubasa, and Kurumi. Later on in the second episode the goddess brings Tamami. Soon later Mika, Nana, Ayumi, and Akane comes. When they all started fighting and made Goro sick, the goddess takes the angels back to the spirt world.

Soon later she lets them come back along with Momo, Midori, Yuki, and Lulu. At the end of Angel Tales the goddess says that is good luck has happen.

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