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First Appearance in Anime Episode 3: Let Me Help You, Master
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Animal Phoenix
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Rei (レイ Rei) is one of the Four Saint Beast in Angel Tales. He first appears in episode 3. He is known to be the beast bird, phoenix.

Angel Tales

Rei makes a first appearance in episode 3: Let Me Help You, Master. He is speaks to Gorō Mutsumi and asks him if Tsubasa was his girlfriend. Gorō tells him no. Rei encourages Gorō to go on the ferris wheel with Tsubasa, but Gorō replies to him saying about Tsubasa is afraid of heights.

Rei manages to put Gorō in a trance and makes him ride the ferris wheel. The ferris wheel breaks down. Gorō gets out of his trance, and almost fell out. His jacket gets caught on the door. Tsubasa faces her fear and helps Gorō. Rei eventually walks away afterwards.

He appears in another episode titled A Dangerous Part-Time Job? as him and his two other brothers try to trick Gorō to work at an abandom factory to try to kill him.

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