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Rans name.jpg
First Appearance in Anime Episode 1: An Unforgettable Bond
Birthday March 9
Star Sign Pisces
Gender Female
Age 15 - 16
Height (157cm) 5'1
Personality Gentle; Modest; Respectful; Polite
Measurements Season 1: B:82/W:58/H:83

Season 2: B:84/W:60/H:84

Animal Fish
Death As An Animal Fish Pump Stopped Working, Drown
Fear Water
Hobby Cooking
Image Color Pink
Voice Actors Michelle Ruff (English)

Rie Tanaka (Japanese)

Ran (ラン Ran) is a Guardian Angel in Angel Tales. She was a goldfish in her past life. She is one of the first guardian angels to return to her master.


Past Life

Ran was born on March 9 as a goldfish. She had many friends in her past life that was a goldfish as well.

She met Goro at a carnival 15 years ago. He was standing in front of the "Goldfish Catching" booth, crying. He was crying because beautiful goldfish was looking limp in the tank and failed to scoop it up.

A girl working at the booth notice him crying, and gave the goldfish to him, telling him to take good care of it.

Her Death

Goro was pleased when he was received the goldfish and decided to name the gold fish, Ran, after the beautiful girl that happen to work there.

He took the goldfish home and took good care of it as promised. However there was a power outage one day while he was out taking a walk. By the time he reached home later on that day, Ran was already dead.


Ran is the 4th guardian angel and has the color image, pink. After her death as a goldfish, she became an angel and worked hard to one day find her real master.

She is what you call a very charming, sweet, and caring girl that always puts others before herself. She never cares about appearance when it comes to romance. She loves her master very much the same like all the other girls. As of all of this, she is very polite with kind words and seems rather mature for her age.

She can at times be very sensitive and always thinks the wrong things at times. People notices her as being respectful, gentle, and very modest.



  • Ran is similar in personality wise with Momo. Although, Ran is shown to actually get mad, unlike Momo, who never does.
  • Her favorite color is purple.

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