Please Remember, Master
Season 1, Episode 5
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Please Remember, Master is the fifth episode of the first season to the Angel Tales series.


The eight Guardian Angels awaken and see that they returned to the Spirit World. The Goddess speaks to them and tells them that they failed because they always fought with each other. Tsubasa and Mika began arguing with each other. Ayumi yells at them and tells them to stop.

The Goddess explains to the angels that they always fought with each other because each of them wanted to be their master's favorite. She explains that some even shown to have feelings for him.

The eight Guardian Angels promise to the Goddess that they will do better. The goddess tells them that she can't help them go back to the human world. The Goddess then explains to the girls that there are four other Guardian Angels that were not able to transmigrate like they were. She explains to them that the four were also Gorō Mutsumi's pets in their previous life, but he has forgotten about them. She tells them that, because Gorō can't remember them, they can't transmigrate into a body like the others.

The Goddess explains that they might be able to help the four other Guardian Angels if they can get Gorō to remember them. The eight Guardian Angels get together and pray for Gorō to remember the other four. Gorō beings to have flashbacks of the four pets that he forgotten about, and remembers them.

The eight Guardian Angels succeeded into helping the four angels, and they were brought to the Spirit World. They were able to transmigrate into bodies like the other eight. The Goddess tells all the twelve Guardian Angels that it shouldn't be hard for them to go back to the human world now. The twelve Guardian Angels hold hands and put all their thoughts on to Gorō. They return back to him and were happy to see him.

Tsubasa stops Kurumi from running to Gorō, because of the four Guardian Angels that never got to see their master yet like the other eight. Gorō tells the four Guardian Angels who they are, and tells them that he remembers them now. The four Guardian Angels are happy and run to their master and hug him. The other eight angels run over to their master and hug him afterward.


  • This is the first episode were Yuki, Midori, Momo, and Lulu first appear in.
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