Momo (Original)
First Appearance in Anime Episode 5: Please Remember, Master
Birthday July 1
Star Sign Cancer
Gender Female
Age 9
Momo (モモ Momo) is the original image of Momo in Angel Tales. She is known to be the original image of Momo.

Angel Tales

Momo is an elementary school student that always wanted a pet. Her parents, however, disallow her to own any of them. She one day saw a little monkey sitting in the window of the shop. She knew her parents wouldn't allow her to have her. Gero feels bad about it.

Goro conferences the manager to let Momo help him at his part-time job, to take care of the little monkey. At first, the manager did not like the idea but he eventually gives in. The little girl does not tell her parents about it and keeps it a secret from them which later causes a chaos.

Later on, her parents found about it. Its presume a student in a school told on her about working in the shop. Ever since then she was caught, she was not allowed to attend to the shop anymore.


  • In season two, she is seen in a video that the twelve guardian angels create to cheer their master up. In the video, her hair color is different from what was seen in a flashback in season 1.
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