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First Appearance in Anime Episode 5: Please Remember, Master
Birthday December 1
Star Sign Sagittarius
Gender Female
Age 9 - 10
Height 124 cm (4′ 0.8)
Personality Shy
Measurements Season 1: B:64/W:55/H:69

Season 2: B:66/W:55/H:71

Animal Monkey
Death As An Animal Being shocked
Fear Electrocuted
Hobby Reading?
Image Color Brown
Voice Actors Kay Jensen (English)

Aya Hirano (Japanese)

Momo (モモ Momo) is a fictional character in the series, Angel Tales. She is one of the 12 Guardian Angels that helps protects her master, Gorō Mutsumi. She known to be a squirrel monkey in her past life.


Past life

Momo was born on December 1, 1992. She was known to be a very curious monkey and adventurous. Momo was a little handful and always troubled the shop owner.

A little girl use to come by the shop and frequently came into the shop to play with with one of the monkeys. She saw Goro happen to work there as one of his part-time job. She told him that her parents wouldn't let her have any pets. She offers the monkey to Goro. Goro feels bad for her and persuaded the shop manger to let the little girl help him while he works at the pet shop. Goro cheers up the little girl and tells her that she can help take care of the monkey with him. Ever since then that day they use to always come into the shop and help the shop owner take care of Momo.

Momo the monkey seemed very pleased to be with the girl and Goro everyday.


The little girl's parents found out about their daughter helping at the pet shop and she stop going to the pet shop after that, making Goro taking care of Momo all on his own.

On a rainy day, Momo went out of the shop and off on her own. She left because she felt lonely and went out to search for the little girl. She climbed the electric pole. Not from realizing the fact about it touching the cable by accident, she got fried and died from being shocked by lightning and her tail fell off.

She now has electraphobia: a fear of electricity and technophobia: a fear of technology, electronics or anything powered by electricity.


Momo is the 10th guardian angel with the color image brown. After her death, her soul becomes lost and trapped in the void along with Lulu, Yuki, and Midori.

She is very shy, delict, crybaby, and known to be very quiet too. She also has good manners and not supersizing she is also very polite. She knows when something is not right and what is the right thing to do. She can be very caring, charming, and very sensitive.

She enjoys her company with her other sister angels, and loves to learn. She tries her best to make everyone happy and often feels like electricity is out to get her.

In the second season her, Lulu, and Nana pretends to be sisters and the daughters of Goro in order to keep all their secret identities to the world. If the world finds out that they are angels protecting their master there not allow to return to the human world again and remain in the spirit world.

When it's the second of Angel Tales Chu, she gets very mature for her age. She also gets a menstruation in a young age as seen on one of the episodes.


Goro Mutsumi

Momo easily gets along with Goro and is vey close to him. She often thinks she's got feelings for him the most (This is obviously not true). Momo often gets shy around her master and has a hard time talking around him. When this is, she'll rub her hands together to try to figure out what to say to him. She always wants to be her best around him, even when she's dirty she don't want try embarrassing herself. She believes to always took her best around him.


Lulu is one of Momo's close friend. When Momo notices something troubling Lulu she would often times hug her in any solution. Lulu trusts her because she is a very sensitive person. Lulu does sometimes fight with Momo on regular bases,, but they make up fast pretty well. Even when they are in a fight Momo does not fight back but only speaks the truth, because of this it gets Lulu upset. They both get bored very easily and would do anything to make them both staying active.


Just like Lulu is Momo's close friends, so is Nana. Momo doesn't like watching her best friends fight with each other. When Lulu and Nana fight she tries to stop them. Nana easily gets mad when she don't get her way, but she only acts this way if Lulu was allow to do something. She fights to sometimes with Momo. Just like her other friend she doesn't try to fight back, but only tells her the truth. Sometimes Nana doesn't believe Momo and it gets there friendship on the line, but all in on they end up still being friends. Nothing they say really changes the fact of their friendship. Nana easily forgives as just as she easily gets mad.


Yuki is very nice to Momo, and one of the older ones that takes care of her. Momo looks up to Yuki as her mother figure. She thinks Yuki is so caring and always thinks of the younger ones first. Yuki doesn't believe she acts older, but she does enjoy the company of the little angels around her. Momo likes hugging Yuki to show that she cares for her.


When Momo first met Daisuke she didn't know what to think about him into she starts seeing him more and more. Later she starts developing feelings for him. She often flushes when she sees him, but hardly never speaks to him. After seeing him for the second time she starts having a crush.
Mom blushing

Momo blushing at Daisuke

She is confused about her mixed feelings for him and thinks that Daisuke's feelings and Goro's feelings is the same but they are actually different. She believes that she likes Goro the very best, but really doesn't understand love yet.

Sometime later in the first season Lulu and Nana teases her about Daisuke. Momo's face gets all flushed making her embarrassed. Momo starts realizing she has feelings for Daisuke all along. She is not sure if he'll return his feelings back for her, so she is scared of making a mistake.

In the second season she doesn't mention, Daisuke. It is unknown or not if she even confessed her feelings or not to him. She also goes to the same Elementary school as him and his friends.


  • Her favorite color is yellow.

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