Mika name
Mika full
First Appearance in Anime Episode 3: Let Me Help You, Master
Birthday September 15
Star Sign Virgo
Gender Female
Age 17 - 18
Height 155 cm (5'1)
Personality Outgoing; Sexy
Measurements Season 1: B:84/W:56/H:80

Season 2: B:86/W:56/H:85

Animal Rabbit
Death As An Animal Loneliness
Fear Being lonely
Hobby admiring oneself in the mirror
Image Color Orange
Voice Actors Wendee Lee (English)

Yukana (Japanese)

Mika (ミカ Mika) is a fictional character in the series, Angel Tales. She is one of the 12 Guardian Angels that helps protects her master, Gorō Mutsumi. She was a rabbit in her past life. She is known to be the second oldest.


Past Life

It was late summer and close to fall when Mika was born back on September 15, 1984. Her real owner was giving away the born baby rabbits. She was known to be the neighbor of, Goro.

Goro was happen to receive the rabbit as a gift. She really was wanting to keep the rabbit out of the litter, but she gave it away because she was not always there for the rabbit. She gets to lonely too easily. She knew she could trust Goro to taking care of her rabbit.

He promised he would never leave it alone for a long time. The rabbit was named after the crescent moon "Mikazuki". Goro saw on the night he acquired it.

Her Death

One day Goro had to leave on a trip to look after his grandmother because she gotten sick.

After the trip from his grandmothers, he hurried home from his grandmother's house, but by the time he got home Mika was already cold. The lady who gave him the rabbit helped him bury Mika. When Goro looked up into the sky he saw a crescent moon, just as the night he first met Mika.


Mika is known to be the 2nd guardian angel with the image color, Orange. After her death she admittedly became an angel and ever since then she's been trying to do good to get the chance to see her master.

Mika can be a bet selfish, pushy, strict, annoying, and quick to get angry, but she also can be nice sometimes when she wants to. She can be a a bet bossy to sometimes when she's trying to get her away. She often likes admiring herself in the mirror to try to get the attentions of her master. She thinks sexy, popular, upbeat fashion looks will get her more attracted to her master more then anything. What she forgets is the beauty within and never really appreciate it.

A nice thing she did was help Nana find her way back to Goro even though it was taking time from Nana on the episode called "Let Me Help You, Master". She sometimes helps others, and is very talkative.

She can be protective when it comes to a serious manner as seen on one of the later episode on the first season. She cares about the young children and their safety.

Mika often times feels very lonely and it makes her act selfish because of this. She tries her best to her master and wishes she can be his wife. She sometimes has wild fantasies about him and thinks he loves her that way.



Her and Goro's relationship is pretty much the same like all the other angels, only Mika thinks there gonna fall in love and live happily ever after. She doesn't realize her master doesn't like any of his past pets that way no matter how hard she tries. She does her best to try to make a good impression on him so he'll notice her that way but nothing really works. She often believes she can dress up her master any way she pleases and thinks her fashion sense is the best in the world even if it is her own opinion.


  • Her favorite color is magenta.

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