Midori name
Midori full
First Appearance in Anime Episode 5: Please Remember, Master
Birthday April 17
Star Sign Aries
Gender Female
Age 11
Height 140cm (4'7)
Personality Innocent and Natural
Measurements Season 1: B:71/W:58/H:73

Season 2: B:74/W:58/H:74

Animal Raccoon
Death As An Animal Food Poisoning
Fear Toxicophobia
Hobby Unknown
Image Color Green
Voice Actors Jessica D. Stone (English)

Akiko Kobayashi (Japanese)

Midori (緑 Midori) is a fictional character in the series, Angel Tales. She is one of the 12 Guardian Angels that helps protects her master, Gorō Mutsumi. She was a raccoon in her past life.


Past Life

Sometime in the middle of spring, Midori was born on April 17, 1990.

When Goro was visiting his relative's house in the country. He had a young cousin who he gets along with very well and sees her as his little sister.

Him and his young cousin went into the mountain to pick some wild mushrooms. They were having a good time until they suddenly heard an animal close by. The little cousin feared it was a bear, but Goro investigated and found a small raccoon struggling to get out of a trap. They both rescued it and took it home to treat it's wound.

Her Death

Gore and his cousin, both named the Raccoon "Midori" and took care of her until she was completely well. The day came for Midori to return to the wild, but Goro was concerned because she became too accustomed to her new lifestyle with humans. As he feared, Midori ate poisonous mushrooms in the mountains just a few days later and died.

Midori died of food poisoning and she is now a very picky eater (toxicophobia is a fear of poisoning).



Gorō Mutsumi

Midori loves her master and would protect him no matter what. Unlike some of the girls, Midori doesn't have a crush on Gorō. Instead, she thinks of him like a big brother.


During the time of cleaning up Gorō's apartment, the two were going through a closet together and seemed to get along. However, Midori and Akane fought with each other in The Master of the Soba Restaurant. As the episode processes, the two begin to get along more with each other and hang with each other.

As the series processes, the two become like best friends together and is seen getting along well with one another.


It wasn't until season 2 when it showed Midori began hanging with Tamami. The two seem to get along with each other, and both work together at the Soba Restaurant.


  • Midori and Akane are best friends and are close. The two though didn't get along at first, but as time passes through the episodes they grow closer together.
  • Toki mentions that Midori and Akane are both tomboys. Later in the 2nd season, she dresses more in girly clothes.
  • Her favorite color is blue.
  • As seen in episode 6, Midori seems to like Soba noodles.

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