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First Appearance in Anime Episode 5: Please Remember, Master
Birthday June 21
Star Sign Gemini
Gender Female
Age 7 - 8
Height 115cm (3'9)
Personality Spoiled
Measurements Season 1: B:57/W:52/H:62

Season 2: B:60/W:53/H:63

Animal Frog
Death As An Animal Froze To Death
Fear Coldness
Hobby Climbing
Image Color Yellow Green
Voice Actors Rachel Hirschfeld (English)

Mei Shimizu (Japanese)

Lulu (ルル Ruru) Also known as Ruru, is a fictional character in the series Angel Tales. She is one of the 12 Guardian Angels that helps protects her master, Gorō Mutsumi. She known to be a frog in her past life, and also the youngest out of all the angels.


Past Life

It was late spring becoming summer. Lulu was born on June 21, 1994. Goro Mutsumi was on his way home into he saw a little girl upset by the woods. She told him that she took the frog away from her dad that happens to be a school science teacher, because she did not want him to harm it.

Goro persuaded her father to let his daughter keep it. He agreed leaving the responsibilities on his daughter.

Goro helped the little girl and her frog. Thanks to the girl's dedicated care and Goro's help, the frog grew big and healthy. They kept the pet together as remembering a very good friendship.

Her Death

One unusual cold day in summer they both was watching it and she strangely disappeared. They both wonder how the frog somehow manages to get outside. They both later on that day found her dead from the freezing cold. When she became a guarder angel, she is now afraid of the cold or anything that is cold.

Now from coming back, she is afraid of the cold (cryophobia) and cold objects (frigophobia)


Lulu is the very last guardian angel out of 12 making her the 12th angel. Her color image is yellow green making it a chartreuse color. After her death of being froze to death she was sent out to go to the spirit world. On her journey she became lost and stuck in the void.

Sometimes Lulu can be spoiled and people thinks she's a brat but she needs no harm. She's like every other child likes to seek attention and likes being around her master a lot.

Some times she fights but it doesn't last very long. She forgives very easily. If no one agrees with Lulu she gets mad, as seen on The "Elementary School for Small Angels".



Lulu is very happy to be around her master and always likes to hug him. She often dreams to be her masters wife but her feelings for him isn't strong enough to really feel that way. She really looks up to Goro as her father figure , but mistaking it as romantic feelings.


Her and Momo hardly ever fight. Lulu most of the time gets along with her. Sometimes Lulu does love to tease her and see what she'll do. Making Momo at her week spot. She seeks Momo in comfort when she feels something is wrong or output in a solution. When doing this she will be usually hugging her.


Nana and Momo usually fights very easily but can make up very easily to. On a episode on the second season they was playing with puppet dolls. Sometime in their play they started fighting over who gets to be their master. But when it was time to eat dinner they end up usually apologizing. When Nana and Lulu get along it's usually if something they agree on, such as they both at first never likes Daisuke seen on a episode called "The Elementary School for Small Angels".


  • Lulu's favorite color is green.
  • Her favorite food is Spaghetti.

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