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Let Me Help You, Master
Season 1, Episode 3
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Let Me Help You, Master is the third episode of the first season to the Angel Tales series.


The four angels are with Gorō eating their dinner. Tamami, Tsubasa, and Kurumi begin to fight. Ran and Gorō tries to stop them and getting way out of control.

They all stop when they see Gorō's cell phone playing music and watches as it opens up, shows the magic circle, and as the music still plays. Two new angels come out and over to Gorō.

They both greeted Gorō by introducing themselves. Mika the rabbit and Nana the dog. After they greeted themselves, Mika stands up and yells at the other four girls. After yelling, Mika tells them about the goddess's plan to share the time with their master. Ran and Tsubasa thinks that is isn't a good idea, but Kurumi thinks it is a good idea because Tamami couldn't hold master to herself, and Tamami supports the idea, but replies to Kurumi in a mean way. The two start to fight with each other.