Kurumi Kimihoshi
Ms kurumi
First Appearance in Anime Episode 13: The Unforgettable Someone
Birthday August 6, 1975
Star Sign Leo
Gender Female
Age 26 (If she was on season 2, she'll be 27)
Kurumi Kimihoshi (公星くるみ Kurumi Komari?)also known as, Ms. Kurumi. She is a fictional character from Angel Tales. She is Goro Mutsumi's childhood friend and known to be his first love interest.


She was born on August 6, 1975. Sometime in her life she became friends with Goro. Little did she knew that Goro soon developed feelings for her when they started going to middle school.

Kurumi and Gro became classroom monitors of taking care of the classroom pet hamsters. The number of hamsters began multiplying and the teachers started given them away to the students to adopted. Kurumi Kimioshi really liked one of the hamsters because she reminds her of her. She wanted to adopt her and named her Morilin. However, her parents wouldn't let her keep her and it upset her.

Goro knew how much Kurumi liked the hamster and adopts her. He wanted to keep the name Morilin on her but Kurumi insist him renaming the hamster. He agrees and named the hamster after her, Kurumi.

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