Kurumi name
Kurumi full
First Appearance in Anime Episode 1: An Unforgettable Bond
Birthday July 4
Star Sign Cancer
Gender Female
Age 13 - 14
Height 143 cm (4'8)
Personality Carefree
Measurements Season 1: B:77/W:60/H:83

Season 2: B:80/W:61/H:83

Animal Hamster
Death As An Animal Starvation
Fear Starving
Hobby Eating; Sleeping
Image Color Yellow
Voice Actors Sandy Fox (English)

Mayako Nigo (Japanese)

Kurumi (くるみ Kurumi) is a fictional character in the series Angel Tales. She is one of the 12 Guardian Angels that helps protects her master, Gorō Mutsumi. She was also a hamster in her past life.

Her original image is, Kurumi Kimihoshi.


Past Life

When Gorō Mutsumi was about 13 years old, he and his classmate Kurumi Kimihoshi was school monitors of taking care of the classroom hamsters. In summer, for mating, the number of hamsters began to multiply which resulted in Kurumi being born on July 4th, 1988. Kurumi Kimihoshi originally named her real Morilin. She liked the hamster because she acted like her being the first one getting the food first, but she wasn't allowed to keep her when the teacher was allowing the Gorō students to adopt the baby hamsters.

After hearing this from her. Goro was willing to adopt the hampster. He was going to keep the name that Kurumi Kimihoshi named her, but she insisted that he renamed her. Since Kurumi Kimihoshi was his first love, he named the hamster after her.

He took good care of her.

Her Death

Kurumi figured out how to get out of her cage. So she escapes from her cage as a result of making her get lost. Goro found her three days later died from suffering from starvation. When she became a guardian angel she is now afraid of starvation.



Gorō Mutsumi

Kurumi and Gorō seem to get along, although Kurumi loves to eat a lot which ends up with her making him pay out much of his money. Kurumi adores her master very much and would do anything to protect him. Like all the girls, she loves to spend time with Gorō.


Kurumi and Ran are close friends.


Kurumi and Tsubasa are friends, but time to time, they will have their arguments. The two have been together most likely since they have become guardian angels. The two get along together when they work together when they become jealous and trying to come up with a scheme. As seen in episode 2 of Angel Tales. The two girls work together to try to find out Tamami's trauma and try to take advantage of it since she was having Gorō all to herself.

Kurumi and Tsubasa also get together during an argument, as the two wanted to beat up Tamami.


When Tamami first comes, the two do not get along and constantly fight with each other. In episode 3, the two fight each other after they both say things about each other. As the series processes, the two girls become much more close.


  • Her favorite color is red.

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