I Can't Bear a Goodbye
Season 1, Episode 4
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I Can't Bear a Goodbye is the fourth episode of season 1 to the Angel Tales series.


The six angels were discussing Mika that cheated on the time she was supposed to share with Gorō. They all then agreed that he couldn't go to the bathroom unless on Ran's time. Ran believes it not to be fair. Tsubasa tells her that sacrifice is a part of life.

Tsubasa notices Gorō bend over, Mika rushes over to him and complains that he was wasting more of her time. Once he is turned over, the angels are shocked that he was sick. They lay him down in a futon. They discuss whose fault it is that made him sick.

Gorō's phone rings and opens up. The magic square appears and two new Guardian Angels come out. Ayumi, one of the two that just arrived tells them that it was all their fault that their master was sick. Ayumi then explains to the girls that four angels have to be dolls while the other four have to take care of Gorō. The girls did rock, paper, and scissors to determine who has to take forms as dolls. The winners were Mika, Nana, Ayumi, and Akane. Ran, Kurumi, Tsubasa, and Tamami had to change into dolls.

Once the other four changed into dolls, Ayumi tells the angels that got to stay in their normal form what to do in order to help Gorō. Akane tells Ayumi of a herb she heard of that might help Gorō. Nana wants to go along with Akane to go get it, and Ayumi groups the two together. Ayumi then gets Mika to go with her to shop for groceries. Akane was picking the herbs, and Nana asks her if she found the right one. Not getting an answer she runs over to Akane and jumps on her back, who is frighten and throws her back screaming "NO!" Nana rolls over and then sits up and shows Akane her bump on her head. Akane is frightened and then tells Nana about her past.

Akane goes on about how the dogs were chasing her and her family. The dogs showed the human where Akane and her family were. The human shoots Akane and her family. After Akane tells her past life to Nana, Nana tells her that she was always a good dog and would never do that. Akane leaves Nana alone, and Nana tries to make her way back.

Mika and Ayumi argue in the store, and then Mika runs off and falls asleep on a bench outside. Ayumi finds her and they both go back home. Mika begins to complain, which results in the two to have an argument. The two stop fighting when they hear Nana crying. They find her and she explains to them that she couldn't find her way home. Ayumi and Mika take Nana home and as soon as they enter the apartment, Mika begins yelling at Akane. Akane replies that she go the herbs like she said she would. Not much later, the other four angels transform back to their original self.

As soon as the other four angels turned back to normal, they all have an argument. After fighting for a little bit, they all stop to see Gorō's cell phone open up and draws the magic circle with music playing. The music changes to a more depressing sound and the picture on the cell phone begins to fade to grey. The eight angels are shocked and frightened. Not much long later, the cell phone's screen breaks and the eight angels return to the Spirit World. Gorō wakes up and wonders where the eight angels went.


  • Ayumi and Akane make their first appearance in this episode.
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