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I'm Not Afraid of My Trauma
Season 1, Episode 2
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I'm Not Scared of My Trauma is the second episode of the first season to the Angel Tales series.


The three Guardian Angels weren't making much progress with helping out with Goro, so the goddess sends another Guardian Angel to help out which was Tamami.

Goro was on his way to a job interview. On his way there happen to be a truck that was out of control. When Tamami first appears she came out of the cell phone helping and defending Goro from getting run over by a truck driven by Gai. She introduces herself to Goro that she was Tamami. In a great shock, she passes out on the street.

She woke up from a cat nap in the apartment where Goro takes her. She then confronts the other angels that she heard so much about them. The other three believing they were popular in the spirited world, which Tamami believes that she corrects them that they all are useless in front of the goddess. Tsubasa and Kurumi knew that they weren't perfect, but they knew they tried. 

They started fighting to accept Ran and Goro. Tamami hugs Goro telling him there scary. The other three then figured out what animal she was in her past life which scared them.  

Goro goes out with Tamami looking at a magazine while the other three angels, Ran, Tsubasa, and Kurumi were spying on them from a distance. Goro leaves telling Tamami that he has to go to work leaving her behind from the other side of the street. She gets scared remembering her past life how she died and backs away from the streets. The other 3 angels wanted to find out what is Tamami's trauma while masters away.

Tamami takes another direction making the others wonder where she was going. She jumps over a fence and goes to the park and sleeps. The other girls had a tough time catching up with her into them saw her at the park making Kurumi upset. They all leave and going back to the apartment leaving Tamami alone by herself. 

Goro was on his way home from his job and buys four cakes for his angels. At some point, the other angels passed out while waiting for Goro to return home for dinner. They wake up when Goro opens the door and tells them he's home. He wonders where was Tamami. Kurumi tells him that she's probably taking her afternoon nap. He tells them it's already evening. Rain also believed with Goro she was a little late. Then Goro remembered something in the passed about Tamami. He rushes to put his shoes on and was about to head out the door. They wonder where he was going. He tells them about the cars. Tsubasa tells him that cats can get away from cars easily. Goro tells them in a low voice how Tamami died then leaves. The three angels felt bad after what they wanted to do with Tamami while Goro was away. So in return they went out to search for Tamami.    

With a little bit of luck, the angels found her. Tamami was scared at first, but refuses she was when Tsubasa told her she was. She took Tsubasa's hand and they help take her home.