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The 12 Guardian Angels.

Guardian Angel (守護天使 Shugo tenshi) is an angel that is in Angel Tales. A guardian angel is an angel that is assigned to protect and guide a particular person, group, kingdom, or country. In Angel Tales, Gorō Mutsumi is being protected by twelve angels.

The twelve angels that are protecting Gorō were his pets in their past lives, they have died and became guardian angels. Each guardian angel is split up into three different ranks (yellow uniforms for the junior rank angels, pink uniforms for the intermediate rank angels and blue uniforms for the senior rank angels). They can also use special powers. In season 2, some of the angels were promoted up a rank, while Yuki became the new goddess. The guardian angels live in the spirit world until they are allowed to go to the human world to protect their master.

Each of Gorō's pets got to come to the human world to protect their master, however, four of them were unable to transmigrate at first and didn't have proper bodies. Reason for this is because Gorō forgot about them because their death was really painful to him. The goddess takes the eight of the guardian angels back to the Spirit World to show them their actions that they have done were wrong, but she is shown to forgive them, but they can't go to the human world because of not enough power. She then explains to them about the four angels that were not able to transmigrate into bodies because Gorō couldn't remember them. The other eight angels help Gorō remember the other four by praying, and the four were able to transmigrate into bodies. The goddess then tells them that they now can go back to the human world to protect their master, together by creating the magic square. All of the 12 angels created the magic square and focused their thoughts on their master and were returned to the human world once again to all live together with Gorō in his apartment.

List of the twelve Guardian Angels and their rank

  • Yuki- Senior Rank- Goddess (Season 2)
  • Mika- Senior Rank
  • Ayumi- Senior Rank
  • Ran- Senior Rank
  • Tsubasa-  Intermediate Rank- Senior Rank (Season 2)
  • Kurumi- Intermediate Rank
  • Akane- Intermediate Rank
  • Midori- Intermediate Rank
  • Tamami- Intermediate Rank- Senior Rank (Season 2)
  • Momo- Junior Rank- Intermediate Rank (Season 2)
  • Nana- Junior Rank
  • Lulu- Junior Rank


  • New angels

    The three new Guardian Angels.

    There is another guardian angel to be shown in Angel Tales, her name is Toki and she is an elder lady that was kind to the twelve girls.
  • At the end of season 2 of Angel Tales, there were three other new guardian angels standing by Yuki. In the ending, it mentions "to be continued ". It is more likely that there was going to be a season 3 to Angel Tales, but never happened.
    • It's unknown, but there is a small fanbase of two out of the three new angels. As some fans draw fanart of them. All girls were given names and animals. They were Nene the dolphin, Jun the horse, and Phi the penguin.


  • Most of the time, the guardian angels come out of Gorō's cellphone. First, it shows the magic square, then music plays.
  • When they are being brought back to the spirit world, the guardian angels go through the cell phone again. The magic square is shown first, then it starts to fade to grey and black, at the same time the music plays differently.
  • All of the 12 guardian angels appearances were copied from girls that Gorō knew. The originals are grown up at the time of when the guardian angels come to protect their master. There were exactly 12 girls that knew Gorō and they each knew one pet, thus, their image at the time of them knowing the pet were copied and used for the pets when they came back as guardian angels.
  • It's a Commandment in the spirit world that no Guardian angel is allow to love their master as a relationship feelings and it is forbidden to say the word "love". If a Guardian angel admits these feelings the'll be punished and force to turn back into there past animal they once were before. Their memories that they shared with that special someone will be erased as well.
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