Gorō Mutsumi
Goro mutsumi
First Appearance in Anime Episode 1: An Unforgettable Bond
Birthday February 20
Star Sign Pisces
Gender Male
Age 26?

Gorō Mutsumi (睦 悟郎 Gorō Mutsumi) is the main protagonist in the series, Angel Tales. He was a man that always had bad luck, until Guardian Angels came into his life.


Gorō Mutsumi was always lonely when he was growing up. When he was younger, he always kept a pet to give him company, but sadly, each pet died not too long later.

Gorō's first pet was a snake that was at a shrine.Him and the young beautiful priestess girl always look after the snake. He use to look up at the priests girl as a an older sister. Even though he enjoyed hanging with them, his family still moved and he promised them both he'll come visit them on winter break.

He return as promised, but as soon as he arrives he notices the shrine was on fire. He jumps into the shrine to look for the snake and the priestess girl. The smoke was getting to him and he almost died. Luckily he was saved by, Yuki, the guardian angel and was mistaken it as the priestess girl.

He wakes up to notices the shrine was burn down and the everything he had one was lost into the fire. From that day on he wanted to own a pet because he had a soft spot for animals.

Next year his neighbor's rabbit was having was having baby rabbits and the girl was giving away the baby rabbits. The girl wanted to keep one of the rabbit out of the litter, but she couldn't always be there for her and she knew Goro loved animals so she gave it to Goro as a gift.

He promised the girl that he wouldn't leave the rabbit alone. Even though he promised this, his grandmother got sick and he had to go see her. Because of this he made Mika so lonely and cold. It was already too late, she was already dead.

Sometime after Mika died, a year later he gets a turtle. He took good care of the turtle. Sometime later in winter he notices the turtle wanted to hibernate. He wanted to bury her in the backyard but his parents didn't allow it so he decides to dig a hole for her in the park.A girl happens to walk by and offer to help. Not knowing who she was is she happens to have the same as his turtle, Ayumi.

When spring came him and that girl made very good friends. When he went to get his turtle in the park she was already dead. Construction workers were demolishing the park.

He decides not to get another pet because he knew how much bad luck he was with them. But when the summer time came at a festival, he end up winning a goldfish. He loved the gold fish so much he decided to keep her and name her Ran after the beautiful worker that helped him win the fish.

He took the goldfish home and took good care of it as promised. However there was a power outage one day while he was out taking a walk. By the time he reached home later on that day, Ran was already dead.

A year past and Goro and his family moved again. One day while he was walking he notices a parakeet's wing was injured. Gorō was unsure of how to treat the wound, but a girl came by and offered to help. After the girl skillfully treated the bird, Gorō named it "Tsubasa". He decided to keep her until she was able to fly again.


Goro is gentle, caring, honest, sweet, and lovable guy around. He mostly shows his soft side when he sees animals. He loves to help the best way he can and he most of the time tries helping his fellow angels. He often thinks he can protect them even though they are post to protect him as part of their job.



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