Saint beast
The Four Saint Beast (聖ビースト Hijiri bīsuto) are characters in Angel Tales. These four men who are reincarnations of the Four Sacred Beasts (Seiryu, Suzaku, Byakko and Genbu) make numerous attempts to eliminate Gorō Mutsumi's life.

They try by many attempts. Gai tries to hit Gorō with a car, but Tamami puts her fear behind and protects him. Rei puts Gorō in a trance and makes him go on a ferris wheel. The ferris wheel stops while Gorō was on, and he snaps back into reality. He tries to leave and almost falls off to be badly injured or killed, however, his clothes snags onto the ferris wheel and he was still alive. Tsubasa, who was with Gorō at the time, was frighten to see him up so high, because she's afraid of heights. Tsubasa puts her fears behind her and clmbs to the top and recuses her master. The last attempts was when they hired Gorō for a fake job at an abandon factory. They try to kill him there, but he was protected by Ayumi and Mika. Gou awakens after Gorō and the two angels leave.

Afterwards, Yuki, Tsubasa, Tamami and Ayumi are kidnapped by the Four Saint Beast to be their respective "brides". It is later revealed that the reason for this was revenge for Gorō's past life for taking their special powers. However, it was also revealed after the confrontation between Gorō and the eight remaining Angels and the four gods that Gorō's past life was in fact the Sage "Not human nor animal two supreme beings that are tied together" and the act of taking these powers was only to prevent any possible conflict between humans and animals. Because of finally understanding the true reason for the loss of their powers, the four kidnapped angels are returned to normal and the four move in to assume the task of protecting Gorō. Unfortunately, they aren't as efficient as the Angels so they elect to leave Gorō again with the Angels to reclaim their powers on their own, knowing that Gorō is in good hands with the angels. They all wear qipao-like attire colored in their respective colors. They make no appearance in the second season, but are mentioned.

The Four Saint Beast


  • As the four angels, Yuki, Ayumi, Tsubasa, and Tamami are the brides for the Four Saint Beast, it is shown that at least three out of the four angels may possibly like the Four Saint Beast. Such as, Yuki blushed at Gou. Tsubasa blushes when Rei says that she was jealous because he was giving all his attention to Gorō and not her. Ayumi was perhaps the first to show interest in one of the Four Saint Beast, such as Shin. The two flirt with each other in episode 8. It is a possibility that Tamami may also like Gai, but since she is a still a child, she doesn't show much feelings towards him.
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