Feelings That Have Started to Sprout
Season 1, Episode 9
Episode 9
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Feelings That Have Started to Sprout is episode nine of season 1 of the Angel Tales series.


The three youngest angels were trying to win a contest to receive tickets to go to a indoor swimming area. They kept losing and only getting tissues. Nana and Lulu begins fighting over the next turn. While fighting, they knock the table over and the golden marble comes out. The guy notices that the winning marble has came out and looks at the three girls who give him a sad face. He ends up letting the three girls win and giving them the tickets.

The three girls come home with Gorō and show what they have won. Nana and Lulu begin fighting again over who won the tickets.

Mika gets all excited and hands one of the girls dinner for tonight, and she hugged master.

In the kitchen Ran and Tsubasa was cutting some of the food while talking. They was talking about the matters of love thinking Mika might win masters affections one day. It bothers Ran and she ends up cutting her finger. Tsubasa goes and gets bandages while leaving Ran in the kitchen alone.


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