First Appearance in Anime Episode 7: The Elementary School For Small Angels
Birthday Unknown
Star Sign Unknown
Gender Male
Age Possibly 9?
Daisuke (ダイスケ Daisuke) is a character in Angel Tales. He only appears in episode 7 of the first season.

Angel Tales

Daisuke first appears in episode 7, with his friends on the school grounds. Momo, Nana, and Lulu were dancing outside the school gate. The school's gym teacher thought they were part of the school and left. She makes them come on the school grounds. 

The three angels see the three boys glaring at them. Daisuke asks them who they are, and Nana and Lulu get mad. Daisuke then tells the teacher that those 3 girls don't go to the school. The lady is shocked, Nana then explains who she is along with Lulu. Momo just stands their blushing at Daisuke.



When he first saw Momo he pretty much couldn't take his eyes off her. His friends her something about Daisuke because he kept bring up about the incident of what happen of that morning. Both of his friends teased him about Momo commenting she was kind of cute making Daisuke get jealous what he said,but respond by he didn't think she was cute at all.

The truth of Daisuke is he loves watching Momo through the bushes. He isn't for sure how to control his emotions, possibly due he never had a crush on any girl before.

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