Chapter 1: Angel's Catching Goldfish
Volume 1, Pages 17
Chapter 0: Angel's Beginning
Chapter 2: Angel's Exceedingly Tall Wall
Chapter 1 is the first chapter of the manga Angel Tales, forming part of Volume 1. This chapter is called, "Angel's Catching Goldfish" It is unknown when it was published.


Goro was out at the store in late summer day buying ice cream for all the girls back at home. The shop woman gave Goro an extra one for himself because all the girls would come over to the shop to help her.

After arriving back home Goro notices Nana, Lulu, and Momo was all home early then usual. They was too excited to wait and wanting to know if Goro wanted to go with them to the Temple because they was having a festival. Goro agrees on going, Momo asks if Yuki, Akane, and ran was allow to go to. Goro tells them they was they all ran off while leaving Ran and him alone.

Ran tells him she does not really like the festival because she felt bad for all the goldfish that was being held there. She was happy to met her master, but her friends did not have a happy while life as she once did.

After having a conversation with Ran, Mikia, and Tsubasa came rushing into the room. They thought that they was not allow to go with them all to the festival due to what Lulu have told to them while teasing. Goro tells them both they was allow going and that everyone is allow to go. Ran did not really wanted to go but Tsubasa was on insisting her to come.

They all get dressed in kimonos and get all ready for the festival. Ran get's doubts about it and steps back. Goro asks her is she'll be alright. She responds telling him she'll be find. They all arrive and having a great time. All but Ran. ran kept staying from a distance to herself away from the others because she was lost in thought. Goro notices this and asks her what's wrong? He tells her she'll get lost if she strays by herself. She apologizes to him and runs off into the crowd.

Goro goes to Ayumi and was going to tell her what has happen, but she knew because she saw from a distance. She tells him it's best her to be alone right now and she knew it's something that she should have been prepared to face since she came there. Goro understands but he feels that he should not let any of them getting hurt.

Tsubasa and Yuki wanted to help Ran out so they disguises themselves as police woman in front of the man that was held captive the goldfish. Tsubasa tells him that what he is doing goes against the goldfish protection law. Yuki tells him that they request that he should close up his shop and withdraw from the place immediately. They tell him that goldfish has feelings to and that he should think of them. Lulu, Momo, and Nana put on a act in front of they man to. Momo pretends she catch goldfish sickness. Akane and Midori was dressed up as two fishes.The man thinks they are all crazy and thinks it's perfectly legal. He flips out and yells at them if they was just going to interfere with his booth then they should just go home.

Mika rubs up on the guy and tells him not to be scared. Kurumi tells him they all just want to have the goldfish. They all pay for the goldfish and took every last one of them from they man.

They catch up to Ran and tell her about it. Ran is relived, but is construed what they was going to do with all the goldfish. Goro tells her that he asked the old lady at the Ikeda-ya about it she told him that one of her customers, who likes goldfish, is building a new pond for all of them. Ran cries in Goro's arms and they all looked up at the fireworks. They all enjoyed watch the fireworks together.

Ran felt guilty for letting her master protect her instead of her protecting him.

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