Ayumi name
Ayumi full
First Appearance in Anime Episode 4: I Can't Bear A Goodbye
Birthday November 20
Star Sign Scorpio
Gender Female
Age 16
Height 145 cm (4'9)
Personality Sets her own pace
Measurements Season 1: B:78/W:60/H:79

Season 2: B:79/W:59/H:83

Animal Turtle
Death As An Animal Being crushed
Fear Confined space and dark places
Hobby Drawing
Image Color Black
Voice Actors Hunter MacKenzie Austin (English)

Ayako Kawasumi (Japanese)

Ayumi (あゆみ Ayumi) is a fictional character and one of the main character of the series Angel Tales. She is one of the 12 Guardian Angels that helps protects her master, Gorō Mutsumi. She was a turtle in her past life.


Past Life

Being born on November 20th, 1984, Goro Mutsumi adopted a pet turtle and named her Ayumi. 

On a cold winter day later in December, Goro notices his turtle was trying to hibernate, so he decides to dig a hole for her in the park. While he was digging in a spot next to a ginkgo tree, a girl happens to walk by and offer to help. Not knowing who she was is she happens to have the same as his turtle, Ayumi. They became friends immediately. 

Together they successfully put his turtle to sleep.   

Her Death

When spring finally came, Goro and the girl that helped him returned to the park. However, they both were surprised to find people with machines demolishing the park. 

Goro tried to stop them but the ginkgo tree that was protecting Ayumi was already cut down. Goro and that girl were upset, but they both buried the turtle. 

When Ayumi becomes a guardian angel, she is now afraid of the dark and confined spaces.


Ayumi is the third guardian angel out of 12 of the other angels and her image color is black. After her death being smashed to death she becomes an angel and goes to the spirit world. She is also one of the chosen brides out of the Four Saint Beasts. She is the bride for Shin.


  • Ayumi loves to draw and is shown to be sketching a picture sometimes.
  • Her favorite color is green.

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