An Unforgettable Bond
Season 1, Episode 1
Episode 1
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I'm Not Afraid of My Trauma
An Unforgettable Bond is the first episode of the first season to the Angel Tales series.


Gorō Mutsumi, a man who always has bad luck. Gorō comes back from a job interview. He misses his train, and it eventually starts to rain. He stops by a pet shop to get out of the rain. When he arrives there, he sees a fortune teller. She explains his life to him, and that good luck will eventually come his way. Gorō receives a call from the company that he had a job interview for, and doesn't get the job. He doesn't believe what the fortune teller says and leaves. When he leaves, the lady turns over a card with an angel on it and says that he will have good luck for now on.

Gorō goes to a store to buy an umbrella and milk, but when he comes out the rain already had stopped. He sees a cat outside and gives it milk from milk that he got in the store. Gorō returns home to his apartment, and decideds to take a bath. While he was in the bath, he thinks about what the fortune teller said to him about good luck will come. Then he doubts what she says.

Gorō doesn't know that his phone rings while he was in the bathroom, and three angels come out of the phone. They sit on the floor and wait for him. Gorō comes out of the bathroom and sees a blurry vision of three girls. Thinking he is seeing things, he puts his glasses on and is shocked to see three girls in his apartment. the girls introduce their selves and he introduces himself. Then, he asks them what are they doing in his apartment. The girls respond, but Gorō actually doesn't believe them. Afterwards, the girls start by helping him out.

The next day, Gorō thought it was all a dream, but wakes up to find that it wasn't. He hides in the bathroom. His cell phone starts ringing and Tsubasa answers it. Gorō gets a job interview, and while he is walking to his job interview the three Guardian Angels follow him. He runs away when he notices that they are.

Two of the three girls have traumatic events happen to them, that brings up their past life. The three girls find Gorō later on and as they arrive in the building, Kurumi runs off because she gets excited when she saw all the food. Gorō comes out a restaurant and sees Ran and Tsubasa. They congratulate him for the job, but the boss finds Kurumi who ate some food and asks Gorō if he knows her. Once he tells him, he does, Gorō loses his job.

Gorō tells the girls to leave him alone, and they sit down together away from Gorō's apartment. Kurumi cries because being hungry is her trauma because she starved to death while she was a hamster in her past life. The girls decide to apologize to Gorō. They leave and as they go near his apartment, they hear a song. They all noticed the song was a song their master used to play. They all rush to see who's playing the song, and see Gorō playing it on his harmonica. The girls are happy and tell him that they were his pets in their previous life.

Gorō doesn't believe them at first, but they start humming the whole song. He then believes them and they all run over to hug him.

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