Akane name
Akane full
First Appearance in Anime Episode 4: I Can't Bear A Goodbye
Birthday October 7
Star Sign Libra
Gender Female
Age 12 - 13
Height 148 cm (4'10)
Personality Aloof; Clam; Distrusts humans
Measurements Season 1: B:76/W:58/H:79

Season 2: B:80/W:58/H:78

Animal Fox
Death As An Animal Being Shot
Fear Loud Noise, Gun Shots
Hobby Hiking
Image Color Purple
Voice Actors Saeko Chiba (Japanese)

Tricia Dickson (English)

Akane (あかね Akane) is a fictional character in the series, Angel Tales. She is one of the 12 Guardian Angels that helps protects her master, Gorō Mutsumi. She was known to be a fox in her past life.


Past Life

It was the beginning of sometime in fall. Akane was born on October 7, 1989.

Goro had a friend as a girl in the country side and was very close to her. He'll spend his summer days with her.

One day, She and Goro saw a fox hurt and wounded. Goro named her "Akane" because of that night, it was a full moon. Goro had nowhere to put her because his parents wouldn't allow it. So then. the girl said she would keep Akane the fox safe.

Her Death

One day while Goro was away, Akane's mom and dad came back for her and they were hungry. Akane escapes the cage she was in. They all attack the chickens on the girls' farm.

The girl's father saw this and started using his dogs to hunt down Akane and her parents. She tries to escape from them into she was in one corner by rocks. Her parents try to protect her when the guns went off. Akane didn't have any more room to run left. The dog attacks her as she fights back. Then the gunshot went off and she died.


  • Toki calls Akane and Midori tomboys in Episode 5, but in reality her style is a tomgirl.
  • Her favorite color is orange.
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